About Me

My name is Rashana.  As the creator of Asha Julee Beauty, I needed to satisfy my need to bead. In the fall of 2017 I decided to become serious about my craft and see where my creations take me. I strive to help other women feel valuable by offering support and encouragement in various forms. 


The mission of Asha Julee Beauty is to remind our clients it is just fine to Feel Good to be You. Often times as women, we forget to take care of ourselves whilst taking care of loved ones. 


Treat yourself to Handmade Gemstone, Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Jewelry. Enrich your pout with Vegan Lip Balm and Lipgloss. Indulge your senses with the sweet scent of Cherry Almond Cold Pressed Soaps or Lavender Essential Oils. Adorn your tresses with Word or Pearl Hair Clips. Reward yourself with something beautiful for being a wonderful person to those who love you. 


Asha Julee Beauty: Feel Good to be You